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Sunday, March 28, 2010

constitution for level 3

Why this change was made?

runescape is working on its game improvement since 2 years so the for players who have just started the game face some hard times playing and learning the game.Jagex wanted to make put some excitement with making the game easier.It is boring for them to see too many 0,s when they hit the monster during training combat.
for instant the minimum damage runescape could do to a level 3 player was 1 that is 10% of their hitpoint (10)It was too much for a new player.
so in other words this change was made to have easy track on one's hitpoints or constitution point while being happy on damage done by him to other monster or npc

My first experience with constitution
i rarely play runescape nowadays i just love fighting so you can guess where i am all the time yes you are right clan wars world 1 yeah!So one fine evening i went to clan wars just an empty world and bingo a player level 63 player attacking me with 90s 120s i thought i must be dreaming but no i was hitting the same infact more than him like 200's 300's i thought there is a bug in runescape than i thought runescape is taken over by hackers and they are making strange changes so i for a moment i thought lets go to the news section of runescape main site and bingo now hitpoints (hp) has been changed to hitpoints.nothing well be effected all the calculations and stats will remain as it use to be before the main thing this update has been solely and entirely created for the noob community so why not let
runescape make them happy so let them be happy

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