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Thursday, October 16, 2008

how to make money in runescape by fishing

Hello every one today i like to share my money making secret with you guys whould you like to be rich in runescape??


ok so lets begian First of All get you fishing level to 40.Now take a lobster pot and start fishing at the karamja island.

once you have collected 1000 lobster go and sell it in the grand exchange for the highest price.You will get a load of money in runescape.

And dont worry now in runescape the wilderness is back its called pvp player vs player wow!! now all the places in runescape are turned into a battle field lol.

people are fighting like hell in runescape and they just need a load of food:D

So dont worry they will buy your lobster at the highest price.

When you reach like 68 level subricbe to membership dont worry there are just new sheam in runescape now a days like paying by phone in germany and other places for the fans of runescape ok so after subribing to membership go to the fishing guild and catch loads of lobster becuase there is no better place for fishing than fishing guild.

There are many types of fish in fishing guild exept trout and salamon but remember if you want to get higher level faster there is no better fishing than salmon and trout in runescape.

I hope i helped with your quest in making money in runescpe

enjoy :D

Sunday, October 12, 2008

making money in runescape fast as level 3

get your wood cutting to level 60 and start to cut yews.

You must have some Patience because it may take a long time but remember where there is pain there is gain :D

once it gets bigger you will cut a lot faster! anyway try to cut up to 1k yews (1000) yews and

I advise you that world 1 or other world is the best for selling, Now go to grand exchange and sell all your yews there for about 300k to 400k and you'll be rich as hell! (so get cutting)

Good luck



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Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to make money in runescape as level 3 by fletching

hello there today i would like to share my money making secret with you guys.There are many ways to make money in runescape but the most effective way of making money in runescape is fletching.

You can make money as a level 3

first thing you have to do is get a knife and start cutting by normal woods into arrow shafts by using knife with normal wood.Each log will give you a stack of 15 shafts.

Now the best place to sell the shafts is at seers Village in the world 2,6,9 respectively.

keep making bows until you reached level 5,fletching level so that you can make short bow out of normal logs.

Keep making short bows until you reached level 10.Now make long bow until you reach level 20.

After reaching level 25 start making oak long bow.keep making until you reach level 40.

from now on buy willow logs from grand exchange and make willow long bow until you reach level 80.

By now you can make mage short.Bye mage log from grand exchange and bows

make them into short bow (note short bow does not give much money as long bow so it just the starting of making money)

Make mage long bow if you have reached 85 fletching level.Now alchemy them and enjoy making 500k per day

I hope it helps ^_^ becuase it helped for me i made two million in only 2

Want your bank to look like this?