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Sunday, October 12, 2008

making money in runescape fast as level 3

get your wood cutting to level 60 and start to cut yews.

You must have some Patience because it may take a long time but remember where there is pain there is gain :D

once it gets bigger you will cut a lot faster! anyway try to cut up to 1k yews (1000) yews and

I advise you that world 1 or other world is the best for selling, Now go to grand exchange and sell all your yews there for about 300k to 400k and you'll be rich as hell! (so get cutting)

Good luck



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rehanah said...

hehe you rock man!!!!!

MaN of JiHaD said...

yes i know :D

Rahul said...

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Anonymous said...

dude that rocks!! rocks my socks!!!! i made like 21,000,000 in one day!!! i own 300 of each color crown to this very day!! anything expensive is in my bank. B-)

Anonymous said...

every one know the woodcuttig wa already

ren said...

ahh good to know that Anonymous would you share your experience with us? :D so we can make more money in runescape thanks for your kind comment

Anonymous said...

great ty helped lot my wc lvl is 59 2k till 60 =D

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