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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Zezima Biography

If you have been playing runescape for a long time you must have heard about a player named zezima just before the release of skill of summoning zezima went way down in ranking but still today people say his name even some people starting to say him gay because of jealousy or out of ignorance many runescape players had started keeping his name.

Many of you have heard about him but at the same time many don't know weather he is a male or female.I am writing this post to help my readers to know more about the greatest player in runescape for 5 years no one reached his rank for the entire 5 years.

In real zezima is a male he is currently 23 year old and he is going to university hey wow how the hell he take out time for playing runescape? I wonder how he mange to take out time for playing runescape for 5 to 6 hours.

Zezima is from east coast,USA thanks god he is not from united kingdom :D because jagex owners are from united kingdom and it wouldn't be nice to have number 1 player from the same country "just kidding".

Anyways zezima is doing major in biology and psychology and minor in chemistry and PhD in genetics.

Zezima is playing runescape since 2001 wow if a typical would say "hey noob get a life" i get so frustrated when a level say me a noob or they would say noob: "noob!! i can pawn you" me:"how you are a level 3" noob:"i got a main 120 level" ha ha.

Zezima was first interviewed by dawgsays zezima has a driving car license but he don't drive much because he don't like driving

The skill zezima like the best to train or work on are smiting or hunter or maybe summoning.

what music zezima likes?Every music if he listens for long enough he end in loving it no matter what lol.

Zezima like to do quest a lot and he do quest before their guides are released.his favorite quest recipe of disaster only for its requirements he also likes the story line behind devious mind.

Zezima looks up someone named alchemon.

There are many fake user name in YouTube of zezima so many people are confused his user name in YouTube zezima0213.

Zezima favorite skill emote is agility.

That's it for now i am very tired now



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