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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Selling bones in Grand Exchange

Small bones or common bones are the booming in the runescape market every one can sell it for 73gp each even level 3 can start making money from it.

Before Grand Exchange the value of many items were too high so the poor people can't afford or on the other hand many people were not willing to pay the reasonable price (the market price)
until and unless someone is willing to pay the highest pay sometime double the price.In other words lack of demand make items prices even lower.

Grand Exchange has mad impossible to balance this unequal prices of items in runescape in such a way which will be beneficial for both poor and rich player in runescape.

for instance Grand Exchange has allowed us to sell noob stuffs and small bones (common bones)banana,eggs,cake,Salmon,trout,feathers etc with maximum profit and on the other hand the items or tools which is a basic need to make money for the poor for example rune pick axe(for mining ores) rune wood cutting axe (for cutting logs) etc.

Selling small bones is very good source of make money even for level 3.small bones are found almost every where in runescape they are found by killing monster even chicken or cow.

small bones can be is drop by monster upon killing them i would suggest you to go and kill chickens level 1 they can be found north of lumbrige bridge (just go east of the bridge and go straight north) you can deposit your stuffs in lumbrige bank located on 2nd floor of lumbrige castle.

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another great spot of collecting bones is in small house in edge villi just north of bank you can train Attack,strength,Defence,Magic or range while collecting your bones note this spot is the fastest way to collect your bones plus you have the advantage to deposit your bones very fast because the edge villi bank is very near

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collecting bones and than sell in Grand Exchange for the highest price!

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