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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Merchanting In Grand Exchange(GE)

Merchanting In Grand Exchange(GE)

In recent months the prices of all the items in runescape has dramatically changed for instant the rune scimitar was 30k to 35k before the trade update but after trade update or trade limit the prices went down as 9k minimum and 12k to the maximum(price of rune scimitar)

lets compare prices of different items before update and after update

Items before trade update after trade update (note this prices are is recently after trade update)

Rune scimitar 30k to 35k 9k to 12k

Rune 2h sword 65k to 75k 40k to 45k

Bones(common) no value 5gp to 10gp

blue wizard robe 500gp to 1k 300gp to 200gp

cooked Lobsters 250gp-280gp-300gp 180gp to 200gp

cowhides 100gp to 120gp 15gp to 20g

Above i have listed the items and their prizes respectively before and after trade limit update.but the prizes of items after the trade update note:this prices are for the items when the grand Exchange was recently introduced in Runescape.There are loads of ways to make money in Runescape one of which is very famous and most powerfull way

spend money to gain money.This is is also called investment buying items for lower cost and sell them as highest as possible or in cost price in case of no sale or very less sale This way of making money in runescape is called as merchanting.

Runescape jagex has done very nice job by introducing grand Exchange (GE) in runescape for instant the prices of many items had fallen from sky lol as i have listed above items and prices beside it and the prices before the implementation of trade limit update.

below are the items and there prices which shocked me and other Runescape players

items before trade update after trade update
rune scimitar 30k to 35k 24k to 28k

Rune 2h sword 65k to 75k 40k to 52k

bones(common) no value 63gp to 72gp

blue wizard robe 500gp to 1k 700gp to 900gp

cooked lobsters 250gp-280gp-300gp 242gp-245gp-267gp

cowhides 100gp to 120gp 116gp to 129gp

These prices are after some time of the implementation like four to six may have noticed that after some passage of time the prices are going up again to the old prices.

The main objective of the implementation of trade update is to balance the prices of different items is to balance the prices of expensive items to lower and to make the prices of cheap prices to higher.

I will explain the reason behind this jagex has made the prices of expensive items so that players can easily afford it.

jagex has made the prices of cheap goods higher so that poor people don't have to strive too hard for making making money in runescape or if they did strive than runescape make sure they enjoy their hard earned fruit to the fullest

In later post i will discuss making money in runescape by selling bones(common) in Grange Exchange

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